Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

repair tools

Tools to Tackle Any Basic Home Repair Project

Hand Tools

repair tools

Screwdrivers Both flat and philips head screwdrivers, in a couple of sizes, will cover most small jobs around the house. These will be used mostly for things like tightening knobs, small electrical jobs, and assembling furniture. In some cases, you can buy one screwdriver that has a reversible “head” with the philips on one end and flat on the other. These are good space savers.

Pliers It’s a good idea to have a slip-joint pliers and a needlenose pliers on hand.

Wrenches A couple of wrenches, one of which is a pipe wrench, will come in handy.

Hammer For hanging pictures, installing mouldings, or even something as ambitious as building a deck, a hammer is a must. Hammers are available with both wood and fiberglass handles. It’s really a matter of preference. Fiberglass-handled hammers tend to be lighter, so you get fatigued less quickly. The best way to choose a hammer is to pick them up in the store and see how they feel.

Hacksaw These are lightweight, inexpensive, and indispensable for many small jobs. Hacksaws can be used for anything from cutting mouldings, to pipes, to tree branches.

Utility Knife A utility knife with plenty of sharp blades is necessary for all kinds of jobs, from cutting drywall to repairing window screens.

Level A basic torpedo level will help you hang artwork and moulding straight, as well as level patio stones or porch railings.

Tape Measure A tape measure is a must-have. Get one at least sixteen feet long.

Power Tools

power tools

Cordless Drill/Driver These are an absolute must! They are such a timesaver compared to manual screwdrivers, and the fact that you can use it as a drill makes this a great tool. They are available at just about any price level. In general, a 14.4 volt drill/driver is good for home use. Anything lower than that may not be strong enough, and anything higher may be overkill, unless you see some pretty big jobs in your future.

Miscellaneous Tools

miscellaneous tools

Plunger When that clog strikes in the middle of the night, you won’t want to be without a plunger. There are a couple of different styles, from your typical “cup” type plunger, to a flange plunger, also called a toilet plunger, to plungers that look like accordians. If you have to just choose one, get a toilet plunger. The flange can be pushed up into the plunger to make it into a “cup” plunger.

Safety Glasses and Work Gloves Safety is important. Have these on hand, and use them.


tools storage

A typical, metal or plastic toolbox is a good choice for storing your tools. A five-gallon bucket will also do a great job of holding your tools. You can even buy “aprons” to wrap around the bucket to hold tools and removable trays that fit inside to hold screws and nails.

By having these tools around, you’ll be ready for any home improvement, whenever inspiration or necessity strikes. And, if you know someone who is moving into their first home, these tools, presented in a nice toolbox, would make a great housewarming gift!