Bathroom Hacks

Cleaning the bathroom is just about nobody‘s idea of an excellent time. it is grimy, it is pungent, it’s downright miserable. For lots of us, it’s a chore we take for granted until, it becomes 1,000 instances worse.

Good thing, I found a great article that motivates me to give enough attention to this special place.

Here are 10 of the best bathroom cleaning hacks that will make the chore a benign part of life rather than a horror show.

Clean Your Bathroom Mirror

Forget Windex. The best way to clean a bathroom mirror is with black tea. Yes, seriously. Apparently the tannic acid is what does it. So brew a pot, use a clean, lint-free cloth, and wipe it over the mirror. The end!

All-Natural Toilet Cleaner

A mix of vinegar and baking soda will do wonders on your toilet without resorting to the use of nasty, gross chemicals that will turn your toilet water blue. Just let it sit 15 minutes and clean toilet water will be yours.

Shining Your Sink Fixtures

A dab of baby oil on a cloth will shine your drab-looking sink fixtures into perfect mirrors. Exciting!

Clean Nail Polish on Cans

Dab some clear nail polish on any can that has the habit of leaving an unsightly rust run on your sink. Goodbye, nastiness.

Clean Your Bathtub

Sprinkle some salt on a grapefruit for a treat that is delicious — and useful! Use it to scrub your bathtub to get rid of all the gross soap scum without harsh chemicals.

Stop A Sticking Shower Curtain

Do your shower curtain rings get stuck on the rod? Use petroleum jelly to make them glide more easily.

Clean Soap Scum

Spray down your shower with non-stick cooking spray. It sounds disgusting, but people swear by it. Let it sit a few minutes and wipe it up. Now nothing will stick to the pan, er, shower. It might be good to have bathmat if you try this trick as slipping seems like it could be a factor.

Another Way to Remove Soap Scum

Take a dryer sheet and rub it over all the soap scum on your glass shower doors or in your bathtub.

Unfog Bathroom Mirror

Who knew soap “scum” could actually be good for something! Take a bar of soap, rub it over the mirror, and kiss your annoying fog-filled mirror days goodbye.

Clean Your Shower Head

This one is odd, but if you get scaly buildup on your shower head that makes the water spray weirdly, then you can appreciate the way this works. Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar, wrap it around the shower head, secure with a string or some kind of tie, and leave it around the shower head overnight. In the morning, your shower will be that much brighter and better.

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